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We have been working busily behind the scenes to create an exciting and varied programme, ranging from reflexology techniques to enhance or complement your existing skills, to self care and skills to build your holistic wellbeing business.

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All the following dates will be held at our yoga studio and Academy training centre in Wye, Kent

Meet and Treat Day

Thursday 4th May 2023, 10am – 3.30pm

Our Meet and Treat days are an opportunity for qualified reflexologists (Level 3 or above) to come together and explore some simple wellbeing practices, drawing on Alison’s experience as a yoga teacher, breath coach, reflexologist and Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner, as well as treatment swaps and a group discussion of some element of reflexology practice.

This time we will be looking at the Spring into Summer seasons – energy levels may be increasing, but seasonal allergies may be just around the corner for many of our clients.

We will explore some gentle wellbeing techniques and movements in a short morning session, before moving into a discussion of how we might work with seasonal challenges in our reflexology treatments.

In our treatment swaps, we will explore techniques which are particularly appropriate at this time of year, as well as tailoring to the therapist we’re treating.

There will be a selection of teas, coffees and healthy(ish!) treats available – come along and join us for a relaxing combination of self care and learning.

Business skills for reflexologists – new date!

Monday 26th June 2023, 10am – 4pm

Being the best reflexologist you can be is always going to be your top priority – but what if your business skills are a bit – well – basic?!

I’ve very definitely been there! Marketing, accounting – NOT what I wanted to be focusing on!

But one day I realised that not embracing ALL the aspects of my business was what kept me small! In my case, I was fortunate in that all my clients recommended me, and I had plenty of clients. However, I was working ALL the hours, and still didn’t earn a realistic income from my reflexology (and yoga) business.

If you recognise yourself in this, why not take a day out of your business to work ON your business instead of IN it?!

Work with me and a small group of qualified reflexologists who’d like to brush up on any – or all! – of these aspects of business:

  • Planning for future growth (vision boarding)
  • Social media
  • Pricing
  • Branding
  • Mindset

I will be able to tailor the exact content of this day to suit booked participants – with the option of ongoing support available to those who want it.

Photo by Green Chameleon on Unsplash
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