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Looking after your feet

Looking after your feet

Our feet go through a lot, and many people neglect their feet or have very negative feelings about them. I can’t tell you how many of my clients have apologised for their feet or told me how much they hate them over the years, but it’s a surprisingly high proportion.

But as a reflexologist, I love feet! And while you should consult a relevant health professional if you have serious health problems that impact your feet, for most of us a simple foot care routine can make our feet look and feel much better.

Here’s my quick and easy 3 step regime for looking after your feet, using organic Neal’s Yard Remedies products (which you can purchase at my NYR shop if you wish, by clicking on the links):

  • Wash your feet daily and dry them carefully, as moisture can provide a breeding ground for Athlete’s foot. You could also have a regular foot soak in a bowl of warm water – I love to add a scoop of Seaweed and Arnica Bath Salts to mine! A foot spa might be lovely if you have one, but is by no means essential as a washing up bowl is perfect too.
  • Scrub your feet to remove excess dry skin and to allow your creams and balms to absorb better following your soak. Any body scrub could be used (my favourite general body scrub is the Frankincense and Mandarin Body Polish) but it’s even better to use a specialist foot product, like the Pumice Foot Scrub as it’s super scrubby and effective!
  • After carefully drying your feet, trim your nails if needed and apply your favourite foot cream or balm. My favourite is Comfrey and Mallow Foot Balm for softening the skin and easing achey, hardworking feet. Alternatively, for even more moisturising on dry, cracked heels, you could try Geranium and Orange Body Balm, a super nourishing and gorgeously scented beeswax-based balm. You’ll be familiar with this one if you have had a treatment with me, or have trained with us at the Academy!)

And that’s it – a simple, three-step regime for looking after your feet. It only takes a few minutes but can make your feet feel amazing!

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